5-Day Feel Good Boost Meridian Reset

It's like a combination of acupressure and laser therapy at home.

What is it?

There are 5 channels your energy circulates through constantly: Lung/Large Intestine, Stomach/Spleen, Heart/Small Intestine, Bladder/Kidney, and Pericardium/San Jiao.  Qi gets stuck often due to strong emotions, stress, lack of exercise, injury, or poor eating.  It happens to all of us, and 2020 has given rise to a lot of stuck Qi.

Why do it?

To feel your best! Not everyone can make it to an acupuncture appointment right now.  Acupressure is a great practice, but it can be time consuming. Laser therapy requires the purchase of both a red and a blue laser, and then knowing where to put them.  To combine the best of both worlds, we are using AcuPatching!  Using Lifewave patches on certain acupuncture points each day for 5 days in sequence helps to reset your Qi flow!  

How do I do it?

  1. Simply purchase the program HERE

  2. Choose ANY appointment time and proceed through checkout.

  3. We will not have an appointment or Zoom intake for this.

  4. We will mail the program to you with everything you need. 

  5. Then each day, you will get an email with exactly where to put the patches for the meridian we are working on that day, as well as lifestyle and dietary suggestions to help that meridian operate at its best.

How do I prepare before starting?

***The patches need for you 1) to be adequately hydrated, and 2) to have adequate magnesium.*** This is important.  

To get hydrated:  Focus on not only drinking water but eating juicy fruits and vegetables, as well as soups and stews.  If it's safe for you to eat, watermelon is a great thing to add while the weather is still relatively warm.  Increase your water intake gradually.  Think of how a dried up houseplant reacts if you decide to pour a quart of water in it: it goes right through.  Try setting a reminder and drinking half a cup of water every hour, on the hour.

To get magnesium:  Many people, while not diagnosed with "magnesium deficiency", show signs of inadequate magnesium stores like fatigue, weakness and muscle spasms.   You can eat magnesium-rich foods or take supplements.  If you do not have a good source of magnesium, take a look at here to learn what form is best for you personally, and some professional grade, trustworthy sources in the Magnesium Protocol link: https://wellevate.me/jennifer-glynn-1 

Do I feel anything from the patches?

No.  There is no transdermal substance on the patches.  The patches use nanotechnology to reflect specific frequencies of light back into the body.  You will, however, sometimes feel changes in the body and emotions as everything gets rebalanced.  You wear the patches for about 12 hours a day if possible.  Each day you will have 5 patches on and they are about the size of a 50 cent piece (a little bigger than a quarter.)

Who is this best for?

It’s for everyone including kids, but it’s especially helpful for those experiencing:

  • Frequent illness

  • Fatigue

  • Weight gain

  • Brain fog

  • High stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Digestive Issues

What if I want my whole family to do it? Or a group of friends?

In that case, it is best to purchase entire sleeves of the patches at this link: https://lifewave.com/jenniferglynnlac

And order the following items:

  • 1 Energy Enhancers Sleeve (Good for 3 people or order 2 Energy Enhancer Sleeves for up to 6 people).

  • 1 Y-Age System Kit (1 each of Glutathione, Aeon, and Carnosine - good for 6 people)

  • If you'd like to get the patches at wholesale prices click on the following link to find out how. https://lifewave.com/jenniferglynnlac/enrollment/enrollmentconfiguration.  Silver and Gold Levels allow you to purchase the greatest variety of patches at best prices, allowing me to formulate personal AcuPatching protocols for your specific needs.  I am happy to help you select the ones best for you to round out your order.

If you have any questions, email us here: loveacupuncturetexas@gmail.com

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