Chinese Herbal Medicine

A safe, effective, natural solution thousands of years in the making

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a comprehensive system which addresses many problems at once by treating their underlying patterns.  Unlike Western herbal treatments which use a single herb for a single effect, Chinese herbology uses complete, balanced formulas to treat multiple issues at one time.  Often used in conjunction with acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine treats problems while restoring vitality to the body and mind.  

Why try Chinese Herbal Medicine? 

Prescribed correctly, Chinese formulas can rapidly accelerate your progress, continuing your healing in between acupuncture treatments and sometimes being prescribed instead of acupuncture for certain issues.  This makes Chinese Herbal Medicine very cost-effective as a therapy and maximizes the value of your care.

Is it safe?

This is a conditional answer.  High-quality, U.S. laboratory-tested herbs are very safe when prescribed appropriately.  The only brands we prescribe contain herbs whose raw materials have been tested once they arrive in the U.S.A.  They are tested for: lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and to make sure the exact right species has been received.  All these things make a big difference in effectiveness and safety.  

Please take note: Herbs can be very powerful medicine, but to be effective they must be prescribed based on a proper diagnosis through physical examination, pulse diagnosis, and tongue diagnosis.  These herbal formulas are customized to the patient and administered on an individual basis.  What is appropriate for you one week may no longer be appropriate for you a week later.  This is why we do follow up.

Example:  A patient comes in for a UTI or UTI-like symptoms.  The area is very irritated and red, and urination burns.  The patient receives a thorough Chinese Medicine examination and treatment.  A formula is prescribed, telling the patient to take it until these symptoms have gone away, and a follow up is scheduled for 4 days after initial treatment.  If the patient were to continue taking the formula for another week, this patient would likely begin to experience feeling cold, having copious urination, etc.  Chinese medicine's beauty is that it is CUSTOMIZED to YOU, exactly where you are in that moment. So we don't over-medicate or treat symptoms you don't have, or cause side-effects!



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