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Facial Acupuncture for Men

Beauty is not only skin deep​.....and it's not just for women!

More than ever, men are investing in their appearance.  Projecting attractiveness, youth, and vitality affects how men are perceived by each other in the business world, as well as how they are perceived by potential romantic partners. 


While men are becoming greater consumers of Botox, filler, and plastic surgery, these often look very obvious and unattractive.  Think Mickey Rourke, Kenny Rogers, or even Kenny Loggins....all handsome men who didn't even resemble themselves after cosmetic surgery and injections.  Would you like to look better, fresher, and more vibrant while still looking like YOU? If so, facial acupuncture is for you.


Men are at some natural advantage when it comes to aging, as most have spent a lifetime with great exfoliation through shaving. On the other hand, many of you guys have spent a great deal of time in the sun without sun protection and it has degraded your collagen (scaffolding) a bit.


What can I do for you? I am passionate about helping us all age gracefully while allowing us to still LOOK LIKE ourselves.  Having been an esthetician and studying facial rejuvenation acupuncture extensively has expanded and rounded this knowledge out so that I can help you look and feel better on more than a superficial level.  This includes improvement in libido, digestion, sleep, and mood just from the supporting points we do in our facial acupuncture treatments. It's a 5-for-1.

What happens in a treatment:

  1. We first do a free consultation to make sure you're a good candidate.

  2. We do a "clearing" treatment to wipe away any blockages to you getting better.

  3. We start the facial acupuncture treatments. You'll have tiny needles placed in your face and areas on your body. This will be customized to areas YOU want to work on.

  4. We place eye protection on you, and then place the bonus light treatment over your face.

  5. You take a nap.

  6. We repeat this 2x/week for 6 weeks.

  7. You start looking and feeling better than you have in years. Some people notice results after the first treatment, but you can really expect the momentum to hit at about treatment 6 or 7.

In addition, I am happy to recommend a simple, effective skincare routine so you can have maximum results.

Did you know?

  • Lines on the face are emotions or expressions that have become concretized on the face and neck.  When we treat them plus the underlying emotions causing them with facial acupuncture and body acupuncture, they can release.

  • Many times jowls and a ropey neck come from the head jutting forward. Acupuncture to help with upper body tightness can help them relax.

  • A double chin can come from poor digestion that can be remedied with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy.

  • Age spots can be treated superficially and internally to help prevent reoccurrence.

Who chooses this service? Men  who want to look brighter, younger and refreshed.  If you want to look and feel better but do not want to look "done," then these are the PERFECT services for you!  

More info if you want it:

WHY have facial rejuvenation acupuncture?

  1. Besides it lifting jowls, sculpting the face, lifting the brows, improving lines around the eyes, nose and mouth, and making you look rested you are getting an internal medicine treatment to improve stress, digestion, pain, libido, and overall energy and vitality. 

  2. It is like a 5-for-1.  We are renewing you inside and out, correcting the internal issues that cause you discomfort and premature aging. 

  3. While it is like a mini-facelift, it's really a mini-everything lift, including your spirits.

Aging is complex.  In Chinese Medicine, we look at it as a loss of Essence (our batteries are running down), and Blood Stasis (blood flow is restricted or sluggish, causing a lack of oxygenation to our tissues).  This can be improved with acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong, and dietary therapy so that your entire self is experiencing anti-aging effects.  Fillers and Botox can't do that.  They can only fill or relax depleted tissue.

San Antonio Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is the only aging treatment that will actually increase your health and wellbeing! Because these treatments include the most universally effective points on the body, patients experience better digestion, sleep, and hormone regulation in addition to their facial improvements.

What can it help?​

Our protocol addresses:

  • facial discoloration

  • age spots

  • uneven facial tone

  • drooping eyelids

  • sagging cheeks

  • wrinkles

  • nasolabial lines (marionette lines)

  • sagging jowls

  • prominent veins in the temples

  • eyebrow creases ("the 11s")

  • overall vitality and health of the patient. 

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Updated 2/3/2021

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