Weight Loss, Insomnia, Stress? Ear Seeds!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

When you are looking for around-the-clock support for your health condition, ear seeds could be your answer. Ear acupuncture, auriculotherapy, is its own method of acupuncture. Much like reflexology on the feet, the entire body can be imaged onto the ear. During your treatments with us, we can put tiny needles in your ears to activate points to help you with everything from a sore knee to weight loss to cramps. But what if you would like extra help in between appointments? That is where ear seeds come in!

Ear seeds (nope, you can't grow an ear from them) are either vaccaria plant seeds or small metal balls or magnets that are taped onto regular ear acupuncture points. The tape is either clear or a flesh-colored bandaid type material. These hold the seed in place, giving constant stimulation to the acupuncture point. To help even more, you can press these seeds to activate them further. Many people get tremendous anxiety and stress relief even having one seed on each ear.

Ear seeds can be as discrete or as noticeable as you want. We use a variety of types, including some that have fun shapes or even real Swarovski crystals. If you would like a few ear seeds to help you in between treatments, please mention this at your appointment so we can leave time in the treatment session to place them for you.

If you'd like to do them yourself, we have options for that, too! We carry products that contain ear seeds on pre-cut adhesive patches, tweezers, and a brochure showing proper placement for your specific condition. Currently in store we have condition-specific kits for: Stress, Insomnia, and Weight Loss. Call or text us at 210-504-9272 if there is another condition you'd like a kit for.

If you'd like us to place your first set for you, book an appointment for Ear Seeds. Your kit comes with that service at no additional charge so you can redo them over the following weeks. If you'd rather just DIY, click on the homepage for the Online Products button to purchase.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have questions or need help.

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