How many treatments will it take?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

People often wonder how many treatments it will take for them to feel better. Acupuncturists sometimes wonder it, too. What we know is that your progress really depends a lot on if you're coming for treatment often enough, your age, your overall health, how long you've had the symptoms, and the nature of those symptoms (constant, at the same level, or comes and goes and happens at varying levels all the time).

So, a generous colleague of mine polled 180 acupuncturists about what their averages are in seeing significant change treating many common conditions acupuncturists see. Here are the results!

NOTE: These are assuming that you are receiving treatment at a rate of 3 treatments within every 10 days. If they are farther apart than that, it slows progress and may take more treatments.)

Acute back pain (meaning it's new, just started recently): 3-4

Chronic back pain (it's been there for quite a while): 8-10

Digestive problems: 6-8 (and this is largely affected by how much you're willing to change your food habits!)

Migraines (not just stopping the headache, but prevention): 8-10

Non-migraine headaches: 4-6

Fatigue: 8-10

Insomnia: 8-10

Menstrual symptoms: 8-10 (we need to see you throughout your cycle for a couple of months)

Menopausal symptoms: 8-10 (we need to see you throughout your cycle or what used to be your cycle, as your body still has a rhythm to it and Yin deficiency takes a while)

Fertility: 5 months of treatment

Anxiety and/or Depression: 8-10

Chronic/Old Injury: 10-12

Recent Injury: 3-4 (also depends on whether or not you are willing to rest the area)

Allergies: 6-8 (and a lot of this is affected by changing your food choices for maximum benefit)

So the data showed the average overall was 8 treatments.

I hope this helps some of you get a better idea of what type of treatment plan you are looking at for your individual case. Please feel free to book a consultation to discuss and get a better idea of what a treatment plan means for you yourself, as each person is treated individually in Chinese Medicine.

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