Keeping patients safer during treatment

"How do you keep patients safer during treatment? How will I keep myself safer during treatment?" Two big questions I contemplated while gearing up to reopen. Sure, we have the CDC-approved disinfectant, skin-preserving hand sanitizer, table paper, minimized everything in the clinic, and everything that hopefully all other acupuncture clinics are doing. We keep the treatments to a thorough but brisk pace when possible to reduce face-to-face time, but I wondered if there were something else I could do to reduce the load of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19) in the air. After some research, I learned that HEPA air filtration can do that. No, it's not pulling all of the viruses out of the air, but it IS trapping many. The fewer of them in the air, the lower the risk of transmission. THAT is a good thing!

My clinic is quite small and I'm very grateful for that right now. I purchased a researched and proven HEPA Honeywell air purifier that is larger and more powerful than my modest square footage calls for but I'm very excited to share this with you in order to keep us both as healthy as possible. I look forward to seeing you soon.

For your own research, please check out this article:

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