I'm seeing so much new neck/shoulder/upper and lower back pain lately! I researched what pain relief products could genuinely, effectively help patients manage pain AND actually contribute to healing in between appointments during their treatment plan.  These are what I have found and invested in for you. There is literally nothing else like these out there.   


Relief Deep is 350-500 mg of organic CBD Oil, plus Chinese Herbs for moving blood, and essential oils effective for inflammation and pain, in a base of jojoba and full-spectrum hemp oil. 

This is like "icy hot" but no peppermint or menthol.  Great for deep sprains, strains, pain at the bone level...for pain that has resulted from a traumatic injury (new or old).  Moves old blood out of the injured area and encourages new blood to flow through and oxygenate the tissue, healing it.


Relief Red is 350-500 mg of organic CBD oil plus warming Chinese herbs in a base of jojoba and full spectrum hemp oil.   For pain that is trapped in the muscle layers.  If you have pain and heat helps it, this is the formula for you


If you are starting to feel run down like you're catching a cold or were sitting in A/C with cold blowing on your neck and now it's stiff....this is for you.  No peppermint or menthol. 


Magnesium CBD Butter with 200mg/oz organic CBD oil and other blood-moving essential oils in it. Natural analgesic for chronic or acute muscle/joint pain or discomfort.  For muscle spasms and nerve pain. Can be layered with the Deep or Red CBD/Chinese Herb roll-ons for maximum relief.


People have used Magnesium Butter for:

       Plantar fasciitis


       Restless Leg Syndrome

       Muscle spasms, neck and back pain


Saint Apothecary Evil Bone Water 


This is Zheng Gu Shui x 10.  It is stronger than commercially available Zheng Gu Shui because it uses Imperial Grade Chinese Herbs and because it has the full formula in it, adding back in those herbs that others have left out due to difficulty and expense in obtaining them.  

Also, a fantastic all-purpose pain relief especially for joints and injuries but I personally even use this on MOSQUITO BITES and pimples to great effect!



All these products are organic and cruelty-free! Ethically-sourced.  

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Updated 2/3/2021

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